Welcome to Toronto Salsa Bachata - Bringing out the natural dancer in you

Toronto Salsa Bachata has been dancing to the beat since 2009. Knowing you will have an instructor who's passionate about what we do. Our love for dancing drove us to share our talent with people who love to dance.
We offer a variety of expert Latin dancing classes, with an instructor that will let you take your moves to the dance floor. This social dancing culture that owes a rich history from Cuba, Africa, and the Caribbean, is taking the new generation with an incorporation of various styles and body movements. Since its birth in the early cultures of its origin, it has evolved into various dance styles. 

Here at Toronto Salsa Bachata, we recognize varying dance styles that dancers bring with them when they come to us. We believe in dancing as an art form and we respect your individual dance styles, body movements, and emotions. As an instructor our goal is to teach you the art of dancing without compromising your own style and individuality. 

Toronto Salsa Bachata's instructors creates a fun and social environment for every dancer who shares our passion. As an instructor we welcome everyone to our dance classes and parties whether you are a beginner,Intermediate, Advance or just someone who loves to dance.

Our dance classes transcend race, gender, preference, and age. As long as you love to move your body to the rhythm, you can trust in our instructor expertise to give you a dancing experience that is fun and exciting.

Most of all, an experience that brings out the natural dancer in you.

So if you are ready for a Salsa bachata dance experience, come join us here at Toronto Salsa Bachata, where the dance floor is your stage !

For more information, please call head office at 416-804-5030 or email us at info@torontosalsabachata.ca.